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DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a standard for cordless phones. The goal of is to better understand DECT and its security and to create an Open Source implementation of the DECT standard.

Latest news: We are presenting the current state of the project at the 26C3 in Berlin on December 29th. The DECT Forum has already responded to the new research: We very much appreciate the openness with which the DECT manufacturers are pushing towards more security!

We publish information about security issues in the DECT protocol and its various implementations in order to increase the overall system and protocol security.


important warning

listening to phonecalls without prior permission is illegal. E.g. in Germany even the attempt is punishable up to five years imprisonment.

Who we are

At this moment, members of the project are people of the following entities:

as well as some individuals without any particular affiliation.

The project members (in alphabetical order):

Interesting Hardware


SVN access

You find a public svn server at, to download all projects, type:

svn co dedected

Academic publications and thesis

More information about the DECT standard

Most parts of the DECT standard are public and can be downloaded from However, there are two parts which are secret and only available to some DECT system vendors:

We also have an DECT protocol overview page.


Press reports


You can contact the team at We have a public mailing list running at, subscribe by visiting the mailing list page at

More contact details can be found in the Imprint(Impressum)

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